Ultraformer III

* Individual results may vary.

Whether you have sagging skin, drooping eyelids, a sun damaged complexion or all of the above, Platinum Dermatology offers a range of specialist treatments to target specific causes of facial ageing.

Ultraformer III is the latest addition to our range of skin tightening treatments for non-surgical face lifting, tightening and contouring. Ring (02) 8014 6500 or use the contact form to schedule your complimentary consultation today.

Platinum Dermatology explains how Ultraformer III works*

Ultraformer III uses a form of energy called Micro and Macro-Focused Ultrasound energy (MMFU) to lift and tighten skin on your face and body without surgery, needles or downtime.

The MMFU technology heats different levels of the skin to stimulate collagen and create an immediate tightening effect.

Ultraformer III is a quick and effective in-office treatment and our patients enjoy the no recovery or downtime associated with this treatment, with many coming in during their lunch hour.

What happens during Ultraformer III treatments?

During the Ultraformer III treatment, a handpiece is placed on the treatment area and delivers MMFU energy, where it remains for around 45 minutes to an hour.

Most of our patients find the treatment very tolerable and because there is minimal downtime involved (if any), they can get back to work or usual activities straightaway.

In clinical trials, patients reported a high degree of satisfaction in lower face and neck tightening without being too uncomfortable or experiencing prolonged discomfort post treatment.

You will be able to see results immediately and these will gradually improve in the next 90 days following treatment. These results can be maintained for several months to a year afterwards.*

You’re a good candidate for Ultraformer III at Platinum Dermatology 

You’re likely a good candidate for a Ultraformer III treatment at our practice if you have some visible loose, wrinkled skin around:

  • Eyelids or lids
  • Mouth
  • Nasolabial folds (between the nose and mouth)
  • Sagging skin on the jawline or neck.

The lower face and neck are the most common areas treated, but Ultraformer III gives great results on the eyes and full face as well.

5 reasons to choose Ultraformer III*

  • Treats a range of different areas
  • Non-invasive procedure and requires no sedation or anaesthetic
  • Quick treatment
  • Allows patients to return to their daily activities immediately
  • Produces long-lasting results

Visit Platinum Dermatology for Ultraformer III treatments

If you have questions about Ultraformer treatments contact Platinum Dermatology on 02 8014 6500 for a complimentary consultation with our specialist nurses or use the contact form on this page to learn about how we can help you look fresh, happy and radiant.

* Individual results may vary.