Natasha Jacquot: Musluv Interview

UPF 50+ Rated Muslin Cotton Covers to protect babies’ skin this Summer.

The summer of 2017 was dubbed the ‘angry summer’ by climate scientists. Heat broke 205 records and more extreme weather is anticipated for 2018, Climate Council of Australia reports. Dr. Alice Rudd from Skindepth Dermatology says -it is important for all parents to be educated about sun damage- 100% of children will have moles on the skin by the age of two, compared to Spain where only 26% of children will have moles by age 10. Our Australian sun is one of the most brutal and harmful contributors to sun damage; it is possible that early sun exposure kicks off a mutagenic pathway that is exacerbated with every subsequent sun exposure. Mothers need to be educated about their baby’s skin/ and shield it from the harsh rays.’

The mechanism by which a baby’s skin is more sensitive are not entirely known. There have been studies showing that skin becomes thicker with age, and that the thinner skin of babies may confer less potent protection against damaging UV rays, meaning it can burn more easily. Whilst it’s difficult to say how much of adult sun damage occurs because of childhood exposure, it has been reported that exposure to high levels of sunlight in childhood is a strong determinant of melanoma risk

Musluv muslin baby covers help protect babies’ skin with a layered technology that provides superior UV protection and retains breathability and tested air permeability for baby’s safety and comfort. The design also features cotton ties on each corner of the wrap that can easily attach to a baby carrier or pram, allowing for increased ventilation and for heat to escape.

Dr Ritu Gupta, specialist dermatologist from Platinum Dermatology Skin Specialists in Ultimo, says -I think that there is a lack of awareness amongst parents of the extent of the need for sun protection in babies. If you hold a muslin up and see the light through it, then it’s probably only going to have a UPF of about 8. Covering a pram with ordinary muslin is inadequate. It’s really a matter of education – parents know that they should use a pram cover but they need to make sure it really is effective at blocking UV, otherwise it’s just giving a false sense of security.’

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