Re-Volumising Injections for Sunken Cheeks at Platinum Dermatology

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Re-Volumising Injections for Sunken Cheeks

Dr Ritu Gupta, specialist dermatologist at Platinum Dermatology is excited to share information about a different way that dermal fillers – focused almost exclusively for wrinkles – are being used at our practice in Ultimo and around the world.

Cheek Enhancement Gives You a Youthful “Baby Face”

Look at a baby’s face. If you draw a line across the highest part of the cheeks from ear to ear, and then complete the triangle by drawing lines down to the chin, the widest part of the face would be at the cheeks.



This is known as the “triangle of youth.” Over time, however, this triangle becomes inverted, and a beautiful baby face begins to look deflated and old.

3 Options for Cheek Augmentation

There are three approaches to re-volumising sunken cheeks:

  • Dermal fillers
  • Fat grafting and transfer
  • Implants

Fat transfer and implant procedures are complex surgeries with a risk of complications. With injectable fillers, on the other hand, skin specialist, Dr Gupta at Platinum Dermatology can instantly lift your cheeks and restore lost volume with minimal risk and no down time. The result, which can last on average from six months to a year, creates

Sculpted cheeks

and a more youthful appearance

2 Ways Dermal Fillers Lift Cheeks & Spirits at Platinum Dermatology

The dermatologists at our practice are experts in the use of dermal fillers to refresh this key midface area. Their skill ensures that patients who visit us for what some call a “liquid facelift” experience a dramatic facial rejuvenation, without looking pulled or unnatural in any way.

Another benefit is that Platinum Dermatology patients who opt for dermal fillers are often able to regain enough of their natural cheek fullness to put all thoughts about facelift surgery off forever.

How Dermal Fillers Augments Sunken Cheeks

As with all facial rejuvenation, there is both an art and a science to dermal fillers. Liquid lifts for cheek augmentation dependonthe skill of the injector. Fortunately for our patients, Dr Gupta at Platinum Dermatology understands how to achieve natural looking and beautifully balanced results. She factors in skin types, skeletal types, and patients’ goals in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

There are two ways that dermal fillers are useful for improving the look of cheeks that have begun to look old.

  • Upper Cheek Contouring – The malar area of the cheek refers to the area of the high cheekbone that starts at the rim of the eye and extends to the side of the face. With age, this area becomes susceptible to:

– Bone shrinkage and reabsorption

– Fat loss

– Depleted collagen

  • Cheek Hollow Contouring – The sub-malar region of the cheek is the area that goes from below your cheekbone and ends just above the jaw. Carefully placed injections of dermal fillers can plump out hollows that have developed due to age or illness.

If you would like to know more about dermal fillers for cheek augmentation and facial rejuvenation, then now is the time to call on 02 8014 6500 or use the contact form on this page to schedule your appointment.

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