Ageing Skin vs. Platinum Dermatology: The Winner is YOU

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There is nothing more natural than the ageing process. For many of the visitors to Platinum Dermatology, however, the physical changes to facial skin are anything but natural. Fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and sagging skin combine to rob the complexion of its radiance and the face of its youthful vibrancy.

In this post, our specialist dermatologists examine skin ageing. We hope what you read will help you prevent skin ageing and make it easier for you to choose an effective treatment for visible signs of facial ageing that may already be a problem.

Dermatologists Offer 3 Reasons Skin Looks Old Prematurely

Natural ageing, known medically as intrinsic ageing, is a continuous series of body processes. This ageing generally begins when we enter our 20’s, but its effects may not be visible for decades. Within facial skin, ageing causes

  • Collagen production to slow
  • Elastin to lose its ability to spring back into place
  • Dead skin cells to shed and turnover more slowly

Your unique genetic makeup controls how quickly the normal ageing process will occur and affect your skin. Does that mean there is nothing you can do to keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant? Quite the contrary.There are lots of things you can do to refresh the look of ageing skin.

Top 10 Reasons Patients Choose Anti-Ageing Skin Treatments

Facial skin that is lax and dull-looking can add a decade (or more!) to your apparent age. Patients that consult with the skincare specialists at Platinum Dermatology want help with:

  1. 1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. 2. Pigmentation problems
  3. 3. Surface roughness
  4. 4. Uneven contours
  5. 5. Hollowing of the cheek and mouth area due to fat loss
  6. 6. Jowls
  7. 7. Dropping nasal tip
  8. 8. Sagging in the lower third of the face
  9. 9 Deep lines on the sides of the nose
  10. 10. Thinning lips due to volume loss

With such a wide range of facial ageing problems, it’s fortunate that 21st Century cosmetic medicine offers so many excellent solutions.

Fab 4: How to Prevent Ageing Skin with Platinum Dermatology

An ever-increasing number of people contact our dermatology practicefor information about non-invasive and minimally invasive anti-ageing treatments. Results-focused and busy, they are looking for affordable solutions that will help them prevent and/or reverse visible signs of facial ageing.

Among our top recommendations for reversing facial ageing:

  • Broadband IPL to resolve superficial skin imperfections
  • Chemical Peels to quickly remove dead skin cells and correct pigmentation
  • Cosmetic injectables to relax away deep wrinkles
  • Dermal fillers to add volume

Patients are also understandably concerned about health and safety. They have nothing to worry about at Platinum Dermatology. Our skin care team is made up of experienced specialists dermatologists and specially trained nurses. They are experienced professionals in their fields, well trained, and highly respected.

Professional Skin Ageing Solutions

If you’ve been avoiding mirrors because you don’t like the fine lines, wrinkles, and other visible signs of skin ageing you see reflected, we at Platinum Dermatology want to help.  You can reach our friendly, knowledgeable team by phone during business hours on 02 8014 6500 or use our contact form.

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