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Razor bumps are not only an unsightly by-product of shaving for both men and women, but they can pop up at the worst possible time. In the ever-present quest to keep parts of our body smooth and hairless, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to cover up shaving bumps before an important event or holiday. If you find yourself in an endless battle with these red and swollen bumps know-it’s far from a hopeless situation.


What are shaving bumps?

Medically known as folliculitis, shaving bumps are caused by hairs that either never make it out of the follicle as they regrow after shaving, or hairs that curl around and re-enter the skin as they grow. When the hair re-enters the skin through the micro-breaks caused by shaving, the body considers it to be a foreign invader, as it would bacteria, and triggers inflammation (redness, pus, lumps and pain!). On a superficial level, shaving bumps can pose a disheartening interference to your daily beauty routine. However, on a more serious level, untreated shaving bumps may lead to keloid scarring or permanent hard lumps on the skin.


How can shaving bumps be treated?

There are simple home remedies for both men and women to relieve the discomfort and embarrassment caused by shaving bumps:

  • Look at your razor! Ensure you have a clean blade and wipe it down regularly with an antibacterial solution such as Dettol or an alternate disinfectant.
  •  Change your moisturising routine: Although it may seem counter-intuitive, don’t rub moisturiser back and forth on the affected area as this will spread the bacteria. Instead, rub it in the same direction so as to reduce the likelihood of further inflammation.
  • Use an anti-bacterial wash: Wash the infected area twice daily with an anti-bacterial wash such as phisohex and monitor the results. This will minimise the amount of bacteria present on the skin.

How can the Skin Specialists at Platinum Dermatology treat shaving bumps?

When home remedies fail to soothe or solve irritated skin, a trip to the dermatologist may be in order. The skin specialists at Platinum Dermatology are trained medical professionals with extensive experience in treating skin problems of all varieties. With a focus on clinical

excellence and patient satisfaction, our specialist dermatologists can help you find a solution to your skin problems.


Among the solutions provided for shaving bumps are:

  • Laser hair removal treatment.
  • Topical antibiotic treatments.


  • Oral medications to reduce inflammation and the likelihood of future flare-ups.



We know everyone is an individual has and we will find a tailored solution to rid you of those unappealing shaving lumps and bumps.


If you are troubled by folliculitis or any other skin issues, contact Platinum Dermatology today on 02 8014 6500 or email us at info@platinumdermatology.com.au.

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